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Cassette Air ConditioningCassette air-conditioning  is a fantastic option for commercial settings and residences with  large  open  areas  but limited  wall  space.  A  Cassette  air-conditioning  system works  in  the  same  way  that  a  wall-mounted  system  does,  with  the  difference  being that cassettes are installed in the ceiling rather than the wall to offer a greater degree of installation  freedom.  Cassette  air  conditioning  tends  to  be  more  powerful than wall-splits, and as such, they are best suited to large, open-plan spaces.  Cassettes are designed to be discreet and often flush  with the ceiling, so  that only the grill is  viewed. Conditioned air  is  distributed  through  the  sides  of  the  cassette  with  air-flow  available  in  up  to  four  directions,  for  even temperature  distribution.    Both cooling  only and  reverse-cycle  cassettes  are  available  in single  room  and  multi-room systems.  

Jarrahdale  Heating  &  Cooling  offer  supply  and  installation  of  a  premium  range  of  cassette  air-conditioning  systems by Fujitsu and Daikin. Many of the models offered also include Inverter Technology. Please follow the brochure links below to find out more about the models available.


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With such a wide range of cassette air-conditioners available, varying customer needs and many architectural differences between buildings, a comprehensive consultation is recommended to determine the best system for your home or office.

Jarrahdale Heating & Cooling offer a complimentary, on-site quotation service. If you have your building plans handy, we can even start the process via email and telephone consultation. To arrange your quote today, simply contact us.

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